How to ensure the future success of your car wash business

10 November 2022 | Article

Digital car wash service brings more visits, more washes, more returning customers, and more insights to optimise your operating activities. And the best part? You’ll get more revenue and value for your car wash business.


1/8: Make it easy for your customers.

With a queue camera at your car wash site, customers can check the availability in a mobile app and avoid queues. The automatic license plate recognition system identifies the customer’s vehicle at the car wash entrance, and they can complete the car wash without stepping out of the car. By shortening the waiting time between washes and freeing up more washing time, these solutions help you maximise your wash capacity and speed up customer turnover!

2/8: Be where your customers are – online & mobile.

Make visiting your car wash quick and easy for your customers with a mobile car wash app customised to your brand. Customers use the app to find the sites, choose a pricing plan, select a wash programme, pay and start the wash. If you already have an app, we can easily integrate it with our systems.

3/8: Enhance your customer experience.

Did you know that most car owners say they don’t really like to wash their car, but would just want it clean? Why? Because they find the process too complicated and time-consuming.

The best way to solve this problem is to make visiting your car wash as quick and easy as it gets. Our solutions simplify the car wash customer journey into a quick and convenient in-n-out experience.

4/8: Improve utilisation rate.

By simplifying the car wash process, our digital solutions shorten the waiting times between washes and free up more washing time. This fast new digital service not only attracts more customers but also maximises the wash capacity and speeds up customer turnover.

5/8: Be smart with revenue management.

Increase your car wash sites’ utilisation rate, get more (predictable) revenue and build customer loyalty with smart pricing plans and dynamic pricing. In addition to a fixed monthly fee and pay per single washes options, you can offer washes to your customers for a package price.

6/8: Engage your customers.

Our customer engagement program helps you reach your car wash customers on their smartphones based on the details you know about them. From building loyalty to welcoming new app users and activating sleeping ones, it all becomes a breeze with automated marketing campaigns through in-app messaging, push notifications, SMS and emails.

7/8: Base your decisions on knowledge.

Our online management tool combined with our Business Intelligence solution helps car wash operators and managers stay on top of their sites’ activities 24/7 and optimise all important aspects of the business.

The BI tool collects and summarises the data from operating activities on visual dashboards. With the drill-down functionality it answers the questions of what, who, where, when, and why. It lets you create business insights and custom reports, and you can easily compare the actual business performance versus targets on individual site or group level.

8/8: Add value to your service through Superoperator car wash network.  

In addition to digitising car washes, the Superoperator Platform is scalable to fuelling, charging and parking as well.

A unique feature of the Superoperator Solutions is the roaming option, which allows various companies and virtual network operators to utilise and sell the services from the variety of car washes that are connected to the Superoperator Platform. For example, if you have an automobile, leasing, insurance, or fleet company, providing these car wash services through your own customer app can add true value to your product and service offerings.

Quick and easy in-n-out experience for customers.
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