Digital Car Wash

Enhance your car wash customer experience

Did you know that most car owners say they don’t really like to wash their car, but would just want it clean? Why? Because they find the process too complicated and time-consuming. The best way to solve this problem is to make visiting your car wash as quick and easy as it gets – powered by Superoperator.

Superoperator is an out-of-the-box cloud-based digital car wash platform

Proven platform –
made for car wash businesses by car wash experts.
Stable, scalable, and hassle-free digital solution.

Customised Car Wash Mobile Application

Make visiting your car wash quick and easy with a smartphone app customised to your brand. Customers use the app for contactless accessing your car wash: to find the sites, choose a pricing plan, select a wash program pay, and start the wash.

Wash Club Wash Club Brand
and Application

Don’t need your own app? The ready-to-use Wash Club app is perfect for smaller businesses and operators looking for easy access to offering digitised car washes to their customers. Car Wash businesses operating under Wash Club brand market and sell their own products and set the pricing.

Tailored solution for your needs

Choose the services and products you need for your business to flourish. The SO digital car wash platform offers all the features, and we are constantly researching and developing more.

Superoperator radically simplifies the customer’s car wash experience

It’s the easiest, quickest, and most convenient car wash journey you can offer. No more cumbersome tokens, pay stations and confusing steps! The new enhanced customer experience attracts customers, makes them happy and gets them coming back.

Our car wash solutions are created to help you achieve this.

  • Customers find the nearest car wash with a mobile app on their smartphone
  • Choose & pay wash program within app
  • Drive directly in
  • Wait inside the car while washing
  • Drive out

Superoperator’s flexible and comprehensive platform can digitise any car wash

Superoperator digital car wash solutions simplify the car wash customer journey into a quick and convenient in-n-out experience. From hardware, ALPR and car wash mobile app to management and data tools – we have it all set for growing your car wash.

Our technology is patented in Finland, in the USA, and in New Zealand for system for controlling a service station related to a vehicle.

Superoperator Solution


Start doing business online. From tunnels and roll-overs to jet washes, the SO Masterbox & hardware package is compatible with any type & size of a car wash including any washing equipment, operating systems, and applications. Instalment is quick and cost-effective – when we plug you in, your car wash sites are operated online.

Automatic Licence Plate Recognition

Just drive in! The Superoperator ALPR system automatically identifies vehicles at each car wash entrance, and customers can complete the car wash without stepping out of their vehicles.


Stay on top of your site activities 24/7 with our feature-rich online management tool. Monitor the real-time status and live view of each car wash site, and manage products, prices and customer accounts. The collected data can be converted into easy-to-grasp visual presentations with our optional Business Intelligence tool. You can use this knowledge for optimising all important operating activities of your business.

Car Wash Mobile Application

Offer your customers the most convenient car wash experience with a mobile application! Let us customise it for your brand’s needs, or get your car washes connected to our easy-access Wash Club app ready to go.

Queue Cameras (optional)

No more queues! With the optional queue cameras at the car wash sites, customers can check the availability in the mobile app, and avoid long queues. The blurred footage respects drivers’ privacy, and no personal data is captured.

Business Intelligence Tool (optional)

Base your decisions on knowledge, not assumptions. The Superoperator Business Intelligence (BI) tool helps you optimise all important aspects of your business. It collects and summarises the data from your operating activities on easy-to-grasp presentations to your Superoperator Dashboard.