The easiest way to digitise your car wash

Superoperator Digiwashbox turns an analogue car wash into a digital one. It is the quickest and most cost-effective way to digitise your car wash business.

Superoperator Digiwashbox – Start doing business online

From tunnels and roll-overs to jet washes, the SO Masterbox & hardware package is compatible with any type & size of a car wash including any washing equipment, operating systems, and applications. Installment is quick and cost-effective – when we plug you in, your car wash sites are operated online.

Digiwashbox Plus

Digiwashbox Plus is a excellent choice for a car wash chain with multiple roll-overs and jet washes. The solution is developed in-house by Superoperator.

Digiwashbox Pro

Digiwashbox Pro includes all the features for a fully digitised car wash operation, also for future expansion. Perfect for tunnels and multibay sites.

  • Queue camera – customers can check the availability of the wash site
  • ALPR – cars are recognised by the license plate
  • Option for multiple queue and ALPR cameras

Would you like know more?

We’d be happy to tell you everything about our hardware solutions and discuss which solution is best for you.