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Grow Your Car Wash Business with Superoperator Platform

We help car wash operators gain more business through digitalisation. Powered by Superoperator, you can increase your car wash’s operational efficiency, improve customer experience, maximise wash capacity, and make continuous data-driven decisions to gain more revenue and stay on top of your game also in the future.

Grow your revenue through higher utilisation of wash facilities.

Reach completely new customer segments through our rich partner network.

Engage with your existing customers through integrated digital marketing and loyalty features.

Offer the best customer experience by providing new and innovative pricing models (e.g. monthly subscription).

Gain business insights and control your car wash operations with the help of our analytics tool.

Gained capacity utilisation growth during the first two years

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Digital washes

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Analog washes

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Improve the low utilisation rate

By simplifying the car wash process, our digital solutions shorten the waiting times between washes and frees up more washing time. This fast new digital service not only attracts more customers, but also maximises the wash capacity and speeds up the customer turnover.

  • Simplify your car wash customer journey with our digitalisation package and start attracting customers with an all convenient service
  • Take full advantage of your car wash capacity by running your sites 24/7
  • Let your customers easily find & access your car wash with a customised smartphone app

Manage revenue with smart pricing plans

You can boost your car wash sites’ utilisation rate, get more revenue, and build customer loyalty with smart pricing plans, dynamic pricing, and automated marketing. Your customers can choose either a fixed monthly fee, pay per single washes, or buy packages through the app, which gives them access to all your available wash programmes and car wash sites.

  • Simplified and contactless online payments and access with the mobile app
  • Predictable revenue with the monthly subscription model perfect for business customers
  • Boost your sites’ utilisation rate during off-peak hours & days with dynamic pricing, offers, and packages
  • Generate additional revenue with discounts and packages

Have total control over your car wash business

The Superoperator Platform allows you to stay on top of your operations and customers remotely at all times with an easy-to-use online Dashboard.

  • View live video footage by each site
  • Manage and segment your customer accounts, prices, and products
  • Run reports to analyse your operations
  • Leverage the data to tailor your operating, marketing and sales activities with our optional Business Intelligence tool

Reach, activate & engage with marketing automation

Superoperator Customer Engagement Program helps you reach and engage your car wash customers based on the details you know about them. All marketing can be tailored and targeted based on user & customer behaviour, wash frequency, demographics, location, time, car brand, and more. The data from Superoperator Dashboard is integrated smoothly with an easy-to-use platform where all marketing automation functions are set up and activated.

  • Activate and engage customers and build customer loyalty by creating automated marketing campaigns
  • Welcome new customers with a promo code after the first wash
  • Encourage customers to upgrade from single washes to monthly subscription
  • Re-activate sleeping customers by sending push notification reminders and offers
  • Reward for friend referrals and feedback

Superoperator brings more

The back of a white car that is being washed in a car wash bay

More customers

Attract more customers, and improve the entire customer experience by turning the car wash visits quick, easy and contactless through digitalisation. Hardware, management dashboard, ALPR and app included.

Hands holding a smartphone with Superoperator car wash app showing on screen

More revenue

Maximise the wash capacity and speed up the customer turnover with the fast new digital car wash service. Get customers and additional revenue at all times with dynamic pricing, packages, automated discounts and more.

Three people sitting on a sofa with laptop computers on their laps from a top view. The person in the middle holds a smartphone in their hand. In front of the people is a sofa table with another smartphone and a fruit bowl.

More intelligence

Get access to your invaluable data and use them to optimise all the important aspects of your business. Opt in our Data Tools that help you ask the right questions and act on them in ways that bring profit.

Why digital car wash matters today and in the future

Offering a digital car wash service is the only way to keep up your business’ competitiveness. You need to be where today’s customers are: online and mobile – and offer great customer experiences. Also, numerous digital services are constantly futher-developed, creating huge opportunities for businesses like your car wash to tap into.

  • Superoperator Solutions enhance customer experience and operational efficiency with smoothly running technology and easy-to-use app
  • are compatible with all existing systems, such as POS and CRM, and any type of washing machines
  • are scalable to service expansions, such as fuelling, charging, and parking, and have great connectivity to up-and-coming digital services, mobile infrastructures and in-car integrations
  • offer opportunities to increase sales by roaming extra washing capacity to third parties through Superoperator’s partner network

It’s straight forward – we’ll take you there

Our strong hands-on roots in the car wash business and the successful results make us the most desired digital technology partner in the modern car wash industry worldwide.

  • Superoperator is a pioneer: We built the world’s first fully digitised unmanned 24/7 car wash network.
  • We know how to turn our solutions into success stories.
  • Our enterprise-level solution, tailor-made for running a digital car wash, is no. 1 in the market.
  • We’ve made switching from analogue car wash to digital a simple and transparent process – with time to market of zero days.

Car wash machine manufacturer: Power your wash machine sales with a future-proof solution

Our industry-leading digital technology solution makes us the number one potential partner for your car wash machine business. A modern solution with digital connectivity is a great asset for the negotiations with your customers. Together we can lead the way in digitalising the industry.

  • Fully compatible and integratable to all types of washing machines and wash systems
  • Proven platform – made for car washes by car wash experts. Stable, scalable, and hassle-free digital solution.
  • AI and data-driven systems are developed to improve services and to create more sustainable car wash solutions.
  • Suitable for various kinds of car wash equipment: jet washes, tunnels, and roll-overs, as well as other types of equipment,such as coin- or token-operated vacuum cleaners, pressure washers and dog washes.

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