Superoperator Automatic License Plate Recognition – Just drive in

The Superoperator Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) offers a fast and smooth car wash experience. The technology automatically identifies vehicles at the car wash entrance, and customers can complete the car wash without getting out of their vehicles.

100 % recognition rate

  • Recognises all license plate types and can read all combinations of numbers and letters of different markets in different reading directions.

Developed in-house

  • Works in all circumstances: hard lighting, different camera angles, constant reflections and more.
  • New scenarios can be taught to the system.

Developed in-house

  • Utilises convolutional neural networks along with other deep learning methods and real-time filtering techniques.
  • Runs on very low CPU processing power.

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We’d be pleased to tell you more details about the Superoperator ALPR system.

Queue cameras – No more queues

Thanks to queue cameras, drivers can find their nearest free or the least busy car wash by checking the traffic at the sites in the mobile app. It means less driving around and less waiting, and is better for the nerves and the environment.

The blurred footage of the vehicles and their drivers in the queue ensures privacy, and no personal data is captured.

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