Our Approach

The most desired digital technology partner in the modern car wash industry worldwide.

From The World’s First Digital Car Wash to Industry-leading Platform

Superoperator is a technology company helping car wash operators grow through digitalisation. The company develops, sells and markets their car wash solutions and platform as SaaS, connecting car washes with car drivers and virtual network operators.

Many groundbreaking inventions are born of everyday challenges. Superoperator’s invention is not an exception. Erkki Aminoff, today the CEO of the company, had had enough of the never ending waiting in long queues and the unnecessary steps required before getting his car cleaned in a car wash. He became determined to get rid of everything that gets on drivers’ nerves in the process, and the rest we know today is called Superoperator.

Aminoff and his team innovated a solution that was realised in 2012 in Finland by founding the world’s first digital car wash network, Juhlapesu. From then on, every car wash could be powered by Superoperator’s technology and start serving fully digitally through a mobile application. Thanks to the automatic licence plate recognition, the driver does not need to even step out of the car to have it washed.

Digitalisation is in our DNA

Our strong hands-on roots in the car wash business and the achieved results with our customers and partners make us confident to say we know how to turn our solutions into successful business. The digitalisation powered by Superoperator Solutions is not only driving revenue and cost savings for car wash operators worldwide but also providing the quickest and most convenient car wash experiences for drivers.

As a result of persistent development, marketing and sales, we have already licensed our technology to car wash operators and petrol stations in Europe, the USA, and Australia. The innovation holds patents in Finland, the USA, and New Zealand.

With our invention, we have encouraged the entire car service industry to transformation.

We are driven by continuous learning, innovation and progress

  • Superoperator is a pioneer in digital technologies of the car service industry, and we are determined to stay ahead.
  • Our solutions are on top of technology. The patents prove that fellow experts agree. Our in-house-built Digiwashbox is our latest masterpiece.
  • We don’t just settle for the excellent; we constantly develop our expertise, renew our solutions and innovate new ones based on our learnings through experience and by eagerly exploring new possibilities.
  • Our in-house R&D keep us thinking forward and our personnel on the cutting edge.

We are driving the digital transformation of mobility services

  • Our goal is to make life easier. We develop solutions that are easy to use, work on all devices, and integrate seamlessly with all types of equipment, existing and yet-to-come, to provide streamlined user experiences now and in the future.
  • We constantly invest in the further development of our solutions and are looking for cooperation and partnership opportunities with associates that are as determined as we are in developing mobility services that move the industry forward.

For the environment less is more

Our solutions are making car washing as quick, convenient and accessible service as it gets. This reduces the need to drive around and wash cars at home making sure that the wastewater is managed properly and causes less harm to the environment.

A smaller carbon footprint

Superoperator Solutions allow drivers to find their nearest car wash in an app on their smartphones. Live views from each car wash let them check if there’s a long queue. Contactless payment and access make the wash process fast. All this reduces the need to drive around looking for a less crowded place, which means less CO2 emissions.

Saving water

Often, technology solutions are developed not only for reaching cost-efficiency, but to be more environmentally friendly too. For example, some water treatment systems used by car washes not only filter the waste water but also re-use it. On top of that, modern car washes use a very moderate amount of water per wash compared to washing at home.

Proper wastewater treatment

A quick and convenient car wash journey makes commercial car washes more attractive. Why is it a good thing? Because unlike DIY-washing one’s car at home or on the street, professional car washes have the facilities and obligation to take proper care of the wastewater that contains all kinds of chemical residues.

Developing more intelligent car wash industry

Today, AI and data-driven systems are developed to improve services and to create more sustainable car wash solutions. For example, it’s possible to control the usage of detergents and water according to the degree of soiling of the car. These technologies are bringing a bright, more environmentally friendly future for the car wash industry.

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