Data Tools

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Superoperator Data Tools for Car Wash Operators and Managers

Tap into the opportunities data has in store.

A digital car wash increases your sites’ utilisation rate and enhances the customer experience, but not just that. Thanks to digitalisation, valuable data collected from your sites and customers can be leveraged to optimise all the important aspects of your business and increase ROI in customer engagement and revenue.

Superoperator Data Tools are additional services developed exactly for that, making your car wash business stay competitive and successful in the ever-evolving digital era.

Superoperator Business Intelligence Tool

Base your decisions on knowledge, not assumptions with Business Intelligence.

Our Business Intelligence solution for car washes helps you optimise all important aspects of your business. It collects and summarises the data from your operating activities on visual dashboards customisable to your needs.

The BI tool with drill-down functionality answers the questions what, who, where, when, and why. It lets you create business insights and custom reports, and you can easily compare the actual business performance versus targets on individual site or group level.

Benefit from your new business intelligence

  • Enjoy a real-time 360°-view to your business 24/7/365
  • Improve operational efficiency and save costs
  • Optimise your service pricing for maximal revenue
  • Understand your customer segments
  • Predict equipment maintenance needs
  • Get alerts when something’s not right

Easy access, always safe & secure

  • Quick to implement tool, quick time-to-value
  • Out-of-the-box mobile app support, access the data wherever, whenever
  • Integrates the data from your existing systems such as ERP and POS
  • Compliant with data privacy regulations (GDPR, PSD2)
  • All data can be anonymised, and are safely stored in customer-owned data warehouse

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Superoperator Customer Engagement Program

Reach, activate & engage – stay competitive with marketing automation.

Superoperator Customer Engagement Program helps you reach and engage your car wash customers on their smartphones based on the details you know about them.

From building loyalty to welcoming new app users and activating sleeping ones, it all becomes a breeze with automated marketing campaigns through in-app messaging, push notifications, SMS and emails.

All marketing can be tailored and targeted based on user & customer behaviour, wash frequency, personal preferences, demographics, location, time, car brand, and more. Your data from SO Dashboard is integrated smoothly with an easy-to-use platform where all marketing automation functions are set up and activated.

Here’s a few ideas how you can benefit from using these features:

  • Enhance your car wash sites’ utilisation rate at off-peak times with dynamic pricing
  • Generate additional revenue and build customer loyalty with discounts and packages
  • Welcome new customers with a free coffee voucher at the station shop after first wash
  • Create predictable revenue with a predefined package offers after reaching a certain purchase threshold
  • Encourage customers to visit the station shop after washing with promo codes and digital coupons
  • Re-activate sleeping customers by sending push notification reminders and offers
  • Reach marketing opt-outers with in-app messages and offers
  • Reward for friend referrals and feedback

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