Data Tools

Superoperator Dashboard – Stay on top of your activities

Superoperator Dashboard is a cloud-based online solution that provides the tools to control and develop your car wash business. Dashboard links the ALPR, end-customer mobile application and Superoperator Digiwashbox together to form a comprehensive, 24/7 control panel.

Manage and control your car wash sites online

View real-time and historical customer & site activity data

Monitor live video footage by each site

Integrates the data from your existing systems such as ERP and POS

Manage and segment your customer accounts, prices, and products

Run reports to analyse and optimise your operations

The Superoperator Dashboard gathers and compiles site and customer data into a single place

Receive an overview of important information and statistics, run reports and export them to Excel documents. Automatic reports at several levels and for several key performance indicators are included:

  • Car wash sites
  • Sales and subscriptions
  • Number of washes
  • Wash programme usage
  • Utilisation rate of sites
  • Registered customers and cars
  • Payments and credit card charges

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Superoperator Business Intelligence tool – Make data-driven decisions

Enjoy a real-time 360°-view to your business 24/7/365 for operational efficiency, maximal revenue and cost savings.

The Superoperator Business Intelligence tool helps you to run and optimise your car wash business by summarising all important data from your operation activities on customisable easy-to-grasp visual dashboards.

Quick to implement

  • The implementation time of the BI tool is just a few days enabling a quick time-to-value.
  • The visual representation of the data and reports can be quickly tailored to your needs without any hassle or risks.
  • We also provide out-of-the-box mobile application support.

Integrates with other
business systems

  • Create business insights and custom reports by combining data from several sources.
  • You can integrate data with the BI tool from your existing systems such as ERP, accounting and POS.
  • Compare the actuals business performance versus targets & KPIs on individual sites or group level.

Compliant with data
privacy regulations

  • The Superoperator BI tool complies with all the EU-regulated data privacy rules.
  • All data can be anonymised and safely stored in the cloud.

Base your decisions on knowledge, not assumptions with SO Business Intelligence.

  • Improve operational efficiency and save costs
  • Optimise your service pricing for maximal revenue
  • Understand your customer segments
  • Alerts when something is not right
  • Access the data with your mobile device
  • Predict equipment maintenance needs
  • Have a real-time 360°-view to your business 24/7/365
  • And more…

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