WashTec and Superoperator Announce Strategic Global Partnership to Revolutionize the Car Wash Industry.

8 February 2024 | Press release

Augsburg, Germany – Kuopio, Finland, 8th February 2024 – WashTec, the global leader in car wash equipment manufacturing, and Superoperator, a pioneer in digital car wash solutions, are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking global partnership agreement. This partnership marks a significant step forward in integrating digital advancements into the carwash industry, promising to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency.

Mr. Sebastian Kutz, Member of the Executive Board at WashTec, and Mr. Erkki Aminoff, CEO of Superoperator, jointly expressed their enthusiasm about this collaboration.

Mr. Sebastian Kutz started, “Connecting WashTec’s digital platform and Superoperator’s digital capabilities will lead to unprecedented solutions for operators as well as end customers. The synergy between WashTec’s equipment and digital portfolio and Superoperator’s digital solutions is a game changer. This collaboration not only aligns with our vision to lead the industry in innovation but also ensures we continue to offer unparalleled value to our clients worldwide.”

Mr. Erkki Aminoff, added, “This partnership with WashTec is more than a business venture; it’s a fusion of expertise and innovation. Our digital car wash system, proven in Scandinavia and in the US, is set to transform the global car wash landscape. We are excited to work alongside WashTec to bring this technology to a wider audience.”

The partnership leverages Superoperator’s digital car wash solution including connectivity hardware and advanced recognition technologies, with WashTec’s extensive global reach and expertise in the car wash industry. This collaboration is expected to yield significant benefits such as increased wash counts, revenue growth, and enhanced customer experience.

Both companies are committed to a seamless integration of their teams and technologies. They have outlined a comprehensive plan for activating local sales teams across various countries, focusing on training, strategic co-selling initiatives, and shared digital sales materials.

For more information on WashTec  and  Superoperator please visit and

For more information, please contact:

WashTec AG

Sebastian Kutz, CSO


Phone: +49 821 5584 2444

Superoperator Oy

Erkki Aminoff, CEO


Phone: +358 400 500 564

About WashTec

WashTec AG

The WashTec Group, based in Augsburg, Germany, is the leading provider of innovative solutions for carwash worldwide. WashTec employs around 1,800 people worldwide and has subsidiaries in the markets of Europe, North America and Asia/Pacific. In addition, WashTec is on the map in some 80 countries through independent dealers.

About Superoperator

Superoperator Oy

Superoperator is a globally operating technology company running a world-leading digital car wash platform. We help car wash businesses grow through digitalization. Our unique solution includes everything that is needed to turn any traditional car wash into a modern, digitally operating facility. The company develops, sells, and markets its car wash solutions and platform as SaaS, connecting car washes with car drivers and virtual network operators.

Superoperator powers +800 car wash sites in Europe, the US, and Australia covering 3 million washes monthly.

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