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30 October 2023 | Press release

Kuopio, Finland 30 October 2023 – Our strong hands-on roots in the car wash business and the achieved results with our customers and partners make us confident to say we know how to turn our solutions into successful business. The digitalisation powered by Superoperator is driving revenue and cost savings for car wash operators worldwide and providing the quickest and most convenient car wash experiences for drivers.

Why Digital car wash matters today and in the future

Offering a digital car wash service is the only way to keep up your business’ competitiveness. You need to be where today’s customers are: online and mobile – and offer great customer experiences. Also, numerous digital services are constantly further-developed, creating huge opportunities for businesses like car wash to tap into.

With our invention, we have encouraged the entire car service industry to transformation.

The out-of-the-box cloud-based digital car wash platform

By connecting an analogue car wash to the digital system can increase its efficiency in multiple ways. You can wash more cars with the existing capacity, shorten the time between the washes, and collect real-time data from the sites to optimise the operational efficiency even further.

As a result of persistent development, marketing and sales, we have already licensed our technology to car wash operators and petrol stations in Europe, the USA, and Australia. The innovation holds patents in Finland, the USA, and New Zealand.

Radically simplified  car wash experience

The easiest, quickest, and most convenient car wash journey for the customers. No more cumbersome tokens, pay stations and confusing steps. The new enhanced customer experience attracts customers, makes them happy and gets them coming back.

Reach, activate & engage customers

The Customer Engagement Program helps you reach and engage your car wash customers based on the details you know about them. All marketing can be tailored and targeted based on user & customer behavior, wash frequency, demographics, location, time, car brand, and more. The data from Superoperator Dashboard is integrated smoothly with an easy-to-use platform where all marketing automation functions are set up and activated.

Our partner in the Customer Engagement program is the Dutch company Notificare with many years of experience of customer engagement with a comprehensive selection of tools to reach the target audiences.

The next generation digital solution for car wash industry

The SO Digiwashbox Plus turns an analogue car wash into a digital one. It is the quickest and most cost effective way to digitalise your car wash business. From tunnels and roll-overs to jet washes and vending machines. Digiwashbox & hardware package is compatible with any type & size of a car wash including any washing equipment, operating systems, and applications.

For the environment less is more

Our solutions are making car washing as quick, convenient and accessible service as it gets. This reduces the need to drive around and wash cars at home making sure that the wastewater is managed properly and causes less harm to the environment.


Superoperator is a globally operating technology company running a world-leading digital car care platform. We help car wash businesses grow through digitalisation. Our unique solution includes everything that is needed to turn any traditional car wash into a modern, digitally operating facility. 

 The company develops, sells and markets their car wash solutions and platform as SaaS, connecting car washes with car drivers and virtual network operators.

Superoperator powers +800 car wash sites in Europe, the US and Australia covering 3 million washes monthly.

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