We’ll transform your car wash into a digital success story

Our technology solution includes everything you need to turn your traditional car wash into a modern, digitally operating facility with new business benefits and satisfied customers.

The SO Masterbox

The SO Masterbox and hardware package are key in transforming an analogue car wash into a digital facility. This is the quickest and most cost-effective way to digitalise your car wash business. After SO Masterboxes are installed, your car washes are operated online. The SO Masterbox can be installed in any kind of car wash, including jet washes, tunnels and rollovers.

Automatic license plate recognition

Our Automatic Licence Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology automatically identifies vehicles at each car wash entrance, and customers can complete the car wash without even getting out of their vehicles. The Superoperator ALPR system ensures 100 % recognition of licence and registration plates, and it can be localised to read all combinations of numbers and letters.

The SO dashboard

Digital car wash sites and customers are managed through a feature-rich online Dashboard with important functions: checking the real-time wash status for each site and managing customer accounts. Now you can gather customer data as well as analyse and segment your customers to better tailor your marketing and sales activities.

100 % app-controlled car wash system

Superoperator technology solution includes a smart phone application customised to your businesses needs. Customers can download the app (iOS and Android) for free. Through the app, customers can choose their pricing plan, select a wash programme, pay to get access to the wash bay and start the wash. No more cumbersome tokens, pay stations and confusing wash programme selections! Thanks to the queue cameras at the car wash sites, customers can check the availability and avoid long queues. Customers can also book appointments to other services e.g. interior cleaning and hand wash by using the calendar.

Data is the new oil: Introducing SO Business Intelligence

The data collected in real time from customers and services is an asset that you can use to optimise all aspects of your business on an on-going basis. SO Business Intelligence systems collects and summarises all important business data on visual dashboards. The drill down functionality can be used to analyse the data further and to create additional business insights and custom reports.

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This intelligence allows you to:

  • segment customers
  • create pricing models
  • tailor the service offering
  • improve operational efficiency and user experience
  • personalise and hyper-target marketing
  • predict maintenance needs