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22 March 2017 | News

Superoperator offers a turnkey solution for upgrading car wash chains into smart digital services as well as a modern digital businesses. We enable fully automated, always open car washes that are operated by customers and controlled remotely online.

With Superoperator your customers can manage the whole wash event independently. No more tokens, cash or pay stations. No need to get out of the car or even open a window when driving to wash. Customers are able to choose wash programs, get access to a wash bays and take care of payments independently with a single application. You can spend your time more efficiently and manage your business via an online dashboard – wherever you are.

Match the expectations of the modern customer

Superoperator users are happy customers. According to our fresh-out-of-the-oven -customer survey results, a staggering 74% of customers are planning on staying as customers in the future, and just 2% are not. Over 80% of customers are happy or very happy with the service and it’s functionalities.  Also, almost 30% of responders ended up subscribing to the service because someone recommended it. We consider this as the highest possible acknowledgement to our service.

For the customers, it is all about an easy and hassle-free car wash experience. The modern consumer manages his life online with his smart phone: banking, bookings, shopping, communications, and in increasing amounts, his daily tasks and duties. We are fast getting used to the ease of using digital services. It is about time to bring the car wash experience up to date too and match the needs of today’s connected drivers.

Digital business equals efficient business

For car wash operators Superoperator means saved time, effort and money. A more fluent wash event cuts down time between washes increasing your capacity. When customers manage and pay their wash events independently, you and your staff are free to focus on more productive tasks like sales and marketing. You no longer need to be present at a wash site at all times.

 Superoperator enables you to run a subscription business model. Your customers choose a suitable pricing plan, and pay a fixed monthly fee for the service. You’ll be able to accrue predictable monthly revenue and “lock-in” customers who otherwise might use your competitors services alongside yours. You’ll be able to collect data of your customers, know who they are and market and communicate to them.

 Tap into that growing market potential

Cars and motoring in general are changing and developing faster than ever before. Our cars are getting smarter and there is a growing demand for smart car services to match the development. The day when a driverless car appears at your car wash site looking for service is closer than you think. Are you ready to serve your new customer? With Superoperator, you are.

But it is not just cars that are changing. New ways of having access to a car without owning one are becoming available to us at growing speed. Services are launched around the world almost weekly it seems. Car sharing services, monthly subscriptions and private leasing, private renting – you name it, it’s out there already. The result of this development is that more and more cars are owned by businesses rather than individuals. At the same time the utilization rate of an individual car will increase significantly. All of this will grow the demand for car services, and pressure is on for more efficient, automated and digital service solutions like Superoperator digital car wash.

Today’s business customers

 The future of car services is exciting indeed, but Superoperator digital car wash is an attractive service for businesses today too. In fact, half of our customers are business customers. Superoperator is suitable for businesses of all sizes from independent taxi drivers to fleet managers looking after thousands of vehicles. Efficient and convenient car wash means cleaner fleets and happier drivers. One single fixed fee monthly invoice for all washes cuts down admin work and removes receipt hassle. For employees, subscription car wash service is a great benefit.    

 Upgrading your car wash sites

As one of our car wash operator puts it: “Digital car wash is not a technology business but a customer service business.” If upgrading your car wash sites sounds like a laborious and complex process, we are happy to let you know that it isn’t.  We have thought it all through for you and can offer a reasonably priced turnkey solution with installation in tow. We also build customized branded solutions that run on Superoperator platform. As we constantly develop the platform, our customers always the latest technology in use.

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We are at The Uniti Expo in Stuttgart 15 – 17 May introducing THE FAST LANE TO THE DIGITAL CAR WASH. Meet us in Hall 3 Stand B06.

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