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23 March 2017 | Article

Superoperator customers have clean fleets and happy drivers

“Our cars represent our company and are part of our image. That is why we aim to keep them clean”, says one of our fleet manager customer who operates a commercial vechile fleet for a company with 18 million euro turnover. He found the digital car wash service like many others – someone recommended it to him. The biggest benefit of Superoperator digital car wash for him is clear: it’s easy and effortless.

The company cars are recognized at the car wash and drivers can just drive in and out without any payment hassle. A default wash program starts automatically when the car is in the wash bay.

Drivers don’t even need to use an application. This type of fully automated wash comes in handy for companies where drivers drive several different cars. The company receives one simple fixed fee invoice for all washes once a month – that’s it. No receipt hassle, wash limits, or fuel cards needed.

Superoperator digital car wash is suitable for businesses of all sizes. Customers range from small taxi companies to businesses managing thousands of vechiles. Digital car wash is also a great benefit for any company to offer to its employees with company cars. Essentially it is about making a everyday task easy and effortless.

We have partnered with companies with car & motoring related products adding value to their service packages. For example, a monthly wash subscription is a great bonus an insurance company can offer their car insurance customers. We are also huge fans of new types of mobility services like car sharing services and private renting. For example, in Helsinki metropolitan area, we have teamed up with OP Kulku, a service offering electric cars as a subscription service. Customers can choose a car and a service package that can include everything from repairs to insurance, and now with Superoperator included in the package, car washes as well.

If Superoperator would be a good match with your business as well, get in touch, we’d love to have a chat with you!

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