To make the most of digitalisation, a car wash needs more than a mobile application

4 January 2022 | Article

Superoperator’s solution turns jet washes, tunnels and rollovers into digital success stories.

Digitalisation of a product or service is an effective way to change and extend old customary ways of doing business. The car wash industry is not an exception. Offering digital services has a positive impact on customer experience.

Mobile apps are a good first step in improving the customer journey. Apps can help customers to locate the nearest car wash site, use mobile payment options and initiate the wash program without stepping out of the vehicle. However, digitalisation offers many more opportunities to turn the entire car wash operation more efficient, profitable and customer-friendly.

This is where Superoperator is changing the game.

Superoperator’s solution covers everything a car wash needs to make most of digitalisation – from updating the washing equipment and operational systems to optimising the customer journey. Customer app with location networks, mobile payment and wash startup are also included. The solution is suitable for all types of car washes and all operators independent of their size.

Even though the change from analogue to digital may seem challenging, Superoperator’s solution comes in a complete package that can be integrated to the existing systems and processes.

The combination of hardware, automatic license plate recognition, online managing, reporting & data systems, and easy-to-use customer app simplifies the car wash process. This brings great advantages to car wash operators:

– Improved customer experience with faster car wash process

– Full & remote control over operations 24/7

– Maximised site capacity during peak hours/days

– Ideal product assortment & pricing plans incl. single washes, monthly subscriptions and packages

Furthermore, Superoperator’s platform collects all data of all car wash operations, programs and transactions. This enables effective and efficient marketing and brings flexibility in operational management e.g. for pricing. Data is an asset that car wash operators can use to react quickly and efficiently to competition and maximise the business opportunities in a timely and flexible manner.

Digital power to the car wash businesses

Superoperator have tested and proven their technology since 2012 by building and running the world’s first digital car wash network, Juhlapesu, in Finland, then building another Superoperator network in the Czech Republic – both with great results.

This experience has made Superoperator experts of their technology and turning it into successful business models for car washes as well as virtual operators seeking new business in the car service industry.

Today, Superoperator’s customers and partners are extended in Europe, the US, and Australia – all using Superoperators patented technology solutions to grow their business through digitalisation.

Free consultation to car wash entrepreneurs and managers

Superoperator offers free consultation for car wash operators interested in digitalising their operations. If you would like to discuss how the Superoperator solution can help your business benefit from digitalisation, please contact us.

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