The Great Car Wash Spring: Superoperator Broke The Million Monthly Washes Barrier

28 April 2021 | News

Superoperator has made their biggest number of washes so far with 1,5 million car wash programs launched monthly through their platform this spring. While COVID-19 has its share in the result, a scalable technology, constant goal-based business development, and keeping eye on the customer experience are key to car wash operator’s success.

“The contactless way to wash a car has been a great asset during the pandemic. But what the numbers we have reached this spring truly indicate is that the Superoperator technology is a fantastic tool. By connecting an analogue car wash to the digital system can increase its efficiency in multiple ways. You can wash more cars with the existing capacity, shorten the time between the washes, and collect real-time data from the sites to optimise the operational efficiency even further,” says Ari Ålander, Sales Director at Superoperator.

A digitally operating car wash with an automatic license plate recognition system and queue cameras that come with the Superoperator technology offers drivers a quick and convenient way to wash their cars. For car wash operators, improving the customer experience is generally a big game-changer in increasing the number of washes. The recent launch cases of Superoperator’s partners, such as Axel Springer’s Clever Waschen network in Germany and ST1’s Dirt pilot rollover site in Sweden have both enjoyed a successful first year running. 

“Quick, effortless, and contactless car wash visits are exactly what the drivers are looking for these days. Our customer cases show that a strong focus on the customer experience is one of the main keys to success,” says Ålander. “Whereas our technology is great, it’s the operator’s hands on the steering wheel. Best results come from setting clear business goals for the new digital possibilities and actively developing the business by responding to the current situation.”

Sales Director Ari Ålander and Boardmember Mika Alapiessa will speak online at this year’s Car Wash Show Europe Digital Stage on Thursday 29 April at 3:40–4pm CEST about Superoperator’s role in digitalisation and tell about how the company launched and ran the world’s first digital car wash in Finland.

The video stream can be seen also after the Show.

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