Taking the car wash experience to the next level – Facts & figures 2020

25 January 2021 | News

Last year was a tough one for many businesses, but not just that. Due to the pandemic, the digital leap has speeded up. Digital services were one of the winners because their contactlessness allows social distancing “by nature”. Thanks to our fantastic partners and customers, 2020 was a fairly good year for Superoperator, too.

In 2020, the Superoperator car wash platform had 400 000 active users per month, 33 % of them monthly subscribers. Over 12 million wash and other events were transmitted through the system generating 4 million payments and 65 million euros worth of transactions.

90 % of the users would recommend the services provided through our platform – something we are truly proud of. Our partners and customers are really pushing their services to the next level with the elevated quality that digitalisation brings to the customer experience. During the covid-19 times, digitalisation that enables entirely contactless use of the car wash makes great sense in the future.

“The covid-19 times allow businesses to prepare for the new normal and more digital future. By digitalising the operations and services, businesses will not only be looking at faster growth, but most importantly ever-greater customer experience with services that are above all safe and secure”, says CEO Erkki Aminoff.

Growing with our partners

Superoperator’s partnering program has also proceeded well, and we will announce a stock of new partnerships during 2021 as well as new customers in the Nordics and Central Europe.

Tommy’s Express Car Wash in the USA

Tommy’s Express is a fast-growing American car wash franchise built on principles of innovation, efficient production, and outstanding customer service. Each Tommy’s Express Car Wash features an advanced control system leveraging modern technology, including the Tommy Club digital membership program, powered by Superoperator. Entrepreneur Magazine has just ranked Tommy’s Express the USA’s number one in the car wash services category in their 2021 Franchise 500 Ranking.

In 2020, the company’s main target was product development along with enhancing customer experience. Tommy’s Express also partnered with Water Mission, a nonprofit organisation advancing sustainable clean water solutions in developing countries and disaster areas. At every Tommy’s Express location an advanced water reclamation technology is used to reduce freshwater use.

Benzina in the Czech Republic

Superoperator has already digitalised 135 car wash sites in the Czech Republic. Our partner Benzina has a major share with 126 car wash sites with the Mycí Digi Linka and Superoperator applications. We will continue with our plan to complete 140 car wash digitalisations and welcome two new partners to the network.

Juhlapesu in Finland

Juhlapesu, the world’s first digital car wash chain continues to grow with its new Swedish owner. Finland is a pioneer in digitalisation, and washing a car in the digital way is getting more and more popular, because it’s simple and convenient. Also the monthly subscription model has been welcome to always keep the car clean and predict income to the car wash operators. In the coming years, Juhlapesu will continue to expand in larger cities and beyond.

Clever Waschen in Germany

Superoperator’s partnership with Axel Springer has been a success from the beginning. IoT, Internet of Things, is not a hype anymore – it’s reality also in the car wash business in Germany. In co-operation with Vodafone, we have digitalised a number of car wash sites, and the network is growing rapidly. With the recent digitalisation of the first fourteen Clean Car sites, the Clever Waschen network also expanded to Berlin and continues to grow in order to offer German drivers a simple and safe way to clean their cars.

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New Superoperator team members

Our professional team keeps growing and will help our customers to digitalise their business faster and easier than ever before.

Our sales and customer support team, lead by Sales director Ari Ålander, now consists of seven team members working from Kuopio, Berlin, Poznan, and Prague. CTO Riku Uotinen continues to lead the SO software development team of 15 fulltime developers. Our inhouse team in Kuopio is reinforced by colleagues co-working from Tampere, Hamburg, and Holland, MI.

We would like to introduce Sarunas Pletkus, our new Chief Operational Officer who joined our team on January 4 and will relocate to Berlin as soon as the pandemic situation allows. Sarunas has a superior knowledge and experience of project management and rollouts as well as the Superoperator technology and business. Sarunas is a familiar face for many, since he has already worked as our Project Manager in 2016–2019.

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