7 May 2019 | Newsletters

Patent for Superoperator’s innovation

Superoperator has been issued an enforceable patent in Finland for the company’s invention of car identification and a mobile launch of car services.

In practice, our patented technology enables full digitalisation of any automotive-related services. The service functionalities are controlled via Superoperator’s digital interface, and the consumer accesses the service with a smartphone application.

It All Started with An Ordinary Everyday Struggle

Superoperator’s story began, when Mr. Erkki Aminoff, today the CEO of the company, was getting his car washed – first queuing to pay for the service then queuing to get in to the actual car wash. Why does it take so long to just get your car cleaned?

We became determined to get rid of everything that get on drivers’ nerves. No more queues, no more redundant steps. We innovated a solution that was realised in 2012 by founding Juhlapesu, a digital car wash network in Finland.

As a result of persistent development, marketing and sales of the innovative platform, we have licensed our technology to carwash operators and petrol stations in three continents including Europe, North America, and Australia.

And our eyes are on future: We are on a mission to develop and commercialise a digital car service platform that covers everything that drivers need, via one single mobile application.



Czech drivers soon to enjoy digitalised, mobile controlled car services

Superopertator’s press conference in Prague indicated that the interest for this kind of digital service is high, says Czech Country Manager Helena Lindová (in the middle), on the left Sales Director Ari Ålander and on the right Media Representative Adèla Dittmanová.

Superoperator enters the Czech market with the project of digitalising automotive services and connectiong them to the mobile application. Czech drivers will be the next ones in Europe to have the opportunity to wash their cars without leaving the vehicle, using and operating the service via a smart phone.

Watch the Praha TV news

Over 100 car washes in the Czech network

After downloading the Superoperator application, you will have choice to wash your car in any of car washes sites in the network. At the moment the network covers 103 Benzina’s petrol stations in the network and the number is constantly increasing.

For company customers Superoperator offers many advantages. The whole fleet can be washed with a fixed price and only one invoice. The cars will be recognised from the license plate, so the driver can just drive into the wash.

Read more on our Czech web page

Introducing Tommy’s Express


Founded in 2016, Tommy’s Express is a fast-growing American car wash franchise built on principles of innovation, efficient production, and outstanding customer service. Each Tommy’s Express Car Wash features an advanced control system leveraging modern technology, including the Tommy Club digital membership program, powered by Superoperator.

Tommy Club offers exclusive members-only lanes, rapid license plate reading technology, and a free smartphone app to give club customers a premium experience, while also reducing wait times and increasing wash speed and overall volume.

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