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23 January 2020 | Newsletters


Digitalisation is a way to drive more revenue, improve customer experience, and innovate new business models. We’ve all heard and seen wonderful success stories such as those of Uber and AirBnB. 

Uber is offering passenger transport services that are based on a worldwide IT network. They utilise digital technology to enable customers to use their service, which has a huge impact on customer experience. Uber does’t have any company-owned cars. Like AirBnB does not own any property. What they do own, though, is the interface between the customer and the provider of the service.

Technology is a crucial part of digitalisation, and digitalisation of a product or service is an effective tool to change and extend “old” ways of doing business. But the key competitive factor is found in innovative business models. A true transformation happens with brave leadership and change management.

So, we may ask, where’s the first Uber of the car wash industry?

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Thank you for the year 2019!

We want to thank you all for the wonderful year.

It’s great that we got a chance to meet some of you and tell more about how we can help you with your car wash business and discuss the challenges of digitalisation.

Now it’s time to wish happy holidays and go ahead to the new decade.

Kind regards,
Superoperator team

Superoperator team at the European Car Wash Show in Amsterdam.
From left, Jorma Hakala, Mikko Pitkänen, Ari Ålander, Riku Uotinen, Arja Aminoff, Erkki Aminoff and Helena Lindová.

Prague update

Successful year in cooperation with Benzina

The year 2019 was marked by the development of installations of our SO solution and the development of marketing tools for our applications and platform. By the end of the year, with Benzina, we have digitalised 18 new car washes and we are currently operating a total of 114 car washes throughout the Czech Republic.

Thanks to the application, Benzina was able to offer its customers several discounts during the year, for example, during the BlackFriday discount campaign the share of all total washes gained through the application in the digitalised network was up to 9 %. This proves that the use of the application for washing and “catching” special offers is a trend of the upcoming years.

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Superoperator starts to focus on jet wash centres

The number and popularity of hand washes in the Czech Republic is growing. That’s why Superoperator has developed a simple solution to identify the customer and launch hand washers through the Superoperator application.

Another hot novelty is the integration of services into the application. Those owners who have washing centres but also provide other services, such as manual interior washing, can use the application as another source of customers.

This is where the SO booking reservation feature comes into the picture. The owner enters free dates and times of services into the application and the user searches for them in the application. Then in just 5 easy steps the customer can book the service and also pay online.

Uniti expo 2020

We are at the Uniti Expo 2020,  26 – 28 May in Stuttgart.

Looking forward to meeting you all there!

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