Superoperator celebrates 10 years of pioneering the car wash industry

30 August 2021 | Press release

Superoperator, a Finnish technology pioneer that helps car wash businesses grow through digitalisation, celebrates the 10th anniversary this year. Along with strong technological know-how and cooperation with forward-thinking partners, the company has succeeded in achieving a strong position in the international market with no intention to slow down the pace.

“We have been disrupting the industry for ten years, and now the market is starting to mature for digitalisation. The operators have begun to understand the importance of customer experience, and more digital service providers are entering the market,” says Erkki Aminoff, the CEO of Superoperator. “Finns are known as pioneers of digitalisation in many fields, and I’m glad that we’ve been among them in our own industry since day one.”

Superoperator’s story began in 2011 with solving an everyday problem. Their digital innovation turned the cumbersome traditional car wash process into a quick and convenient customer journey. This helps bring in more customers and maximise the use of the existing wash capacity. The digital solution recognises cars automatically by their license plate and lets customers access and pay the wash via a smartphone app without having to get out of the vehicle.

Superoperator began the research and development in Finland by building their own digital car wash network, Juhlapesu, that brought the services of different car wash entrepreneurs and operators together.

Superoperator’s first customer was Benzina which operates the largest network of petrol stations in Czech Republic. In the United States, Superoperator’s efficient solution won over Tommy’s Express, one of the nation’s biggest and most efficient car wash franchises.

Arriving at the international market: patents and partnerships

In 2019, the innovation received an enforceable patent in its original form. Confident of the scalability of their solution, Superoperator began pursuing an even stronger foothold in the international market.

Superoperator Team installing the SO Masterbox.

Digital transformation got speeded up greatly and globally among companies by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

In 2019, just around the break-out, Superoperator partnered with the German media house Axel Springer to build an European-wide car wash network. The two companies co-developed the Clever Waschen platform which attracted various operators and B2B partners right from the start and delivers both the most convenient user experience and a faster on-site queue handling for operators.

Over the past year, Superoperator has succeeded in establishing agreements in the Nordic countries as well. In 2021, Superoperator’s innovation was also granted a greatly sought-after US-Patent.

Celebrating the anniversary, Superoperator are already seeing further:

“The latest trends in automobile manufacturing are going towards turning the car itself into a user interface that connects you to digital services such as a car wash. Today, most companies lean on apps, but in the future, your car’s dashboard could provide even more seamless hands-free customer experience instead. Our technology is ready and the customers are ready. Superoperator are eager to partner up with the like-minded ones who want to ride on the first wave,” says Aminoff.

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