Superoperator And Tammermatic to Enter into A Cooperation Agreement

24 September 2020 | News

Superoperator and a Finnish car wash machine manufacturer Tammermatic have signed a significant cooperation agreement.

The two companies agreed to cooperate on sales and marketing as well as technological innovation and product development. The common objective is to set new standards and elevate the car wash experience for the final customer. And also to introduce the car wash operators new shared services and solutions that enhance their competitiveness.

“This opens an important door to further-implementing Tammermatic’s digitalisation strategy,” says Tom Olli, the CEO of Tammermatic, “Our 55-year-old company is determined to stay at the leading edge of the developments not only in pushing the customer experience but also in the environmental awareness. Cooperating with Superoperator opens up entirely new opportunities to develop new solutions that combine our know-how in machinery with Superoperator’s digital solutions.”

Erkki Aminoff, the CEO of Superator, continues, “This is an exciting collaboration between two Finnish companies. We see that the integration of our and Tammermatic’s solutions and systems will open up entirely new opportunities for example in personalisation of services, “At Superoperator, we trust in the power of cooperation and partnerships, and we take an international stand on it. One of the most recent fruit beared from our cooperation efforts is with Germany’s largest media house, Axel Springer, who we partnered up with to build a Germany-wide virtual car wash network launched last month.”

About Tammermatic Oy

Tammermatic Oy was founded in Tampere in 1966, and they are renowned all over the world as an innovative pioneer and the technology leader in the area of washing machine automatics. The company’s achievements include many significant innovations that changed the entire industry. Tammermatic has delivered products to over 70 countries. The company is headquartered in Tampere.

About Superoperator Oy

Superoperator is a globally operating technology company running a world-leading digital car care platform. The company helps car wash businesses grow through digitalisation. Superoperator’s unique solution improves the final customer’s customer experience and supports the profitability and growth of the car wash operators’ business.

The company has customers in Europe, North America, and Australia. In 2019, over 10 million wash events were transmitted through the Superoperator platform. Recently, Superoperator partnered up with Axel Springer and Vodafone to develop and build a Germany-wide virtual car wash network.

Superoperator’s head office and product development are located in Kuopio, Finland. Superoperator has subsidiaries in Germany, Poland, and Czech Republic.

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