Greetings from Nashville, Now It’s Time for Amsterdam & Holidays

10 July 2019 | News

Nashville, a US city known as the home of country music and coming from a state that rolls out a new car every 20 seconds, was the venue for the annual Car Wash Show with loads of interesting insights on the business presented by an impressive bunch of industry professionals.

Tommy’s Car Wash 50 years

One of the speakers was Ryan Essenburg, the president of our partner Tommy’s Car Wash with 50 years of experience in the business. Mr Essenburg talked about brand as a platform to showcase the advantages of a franchise business model in the rapidly growing car wash industry that is now facing the opportunities of innovation. He also quoted Ed Rensi, the former CEO of McDonald’s: “The Car Wash industry is ready for serious innovation and evolution, franchising will accelerate growth and economic power for operators.”

The importance of a good brand

Introduced by Essenbrurg, Ed Rensi came up on stage to talk about the importance of brand assets and what a good brand looks and feels like in the car wash business. He used an everyday example of this by telling what he used to tell to his employees in the restaurant business: “If you smell the bathroom before you see it, you have a problem.” Same thing goes for car washes, “if you’re bathroom is not clean, how can you clean a car?”

“It’s time for this industry to evoke some standards and start to upgrade the quality of the experience”, he said. “We are in the service business. When somebody’s got a problem and they come to us, we have to do something to make them feel better about themselves.”

What we learned in Nashville

From Superoperator’s point of view, we found interesting to see that what we had five years ago, others are now following. We introduced our license plate recognition in Amsterdam already in 2015. We see this as an important part of building a better car wash experience to the customers, as we want the car wash to be as convenient and easy as it can be. You’ll just drive in the car wash, then start and pay with your smartphone.

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Lea Turčanová from Nordic Chambre of Commerce, Czech Republic

Q&A on The Superoperator Customer Experience

Q: How do you like the Superoperator App and what do you value most about it?
A: The app, Superoperator, absolutely changed my professional and private life. I have a funny story when I used it for the first time. The security at the station was not well informed about the functionality of the app and they stopped my program in the middle of the process. I had to leave the wash half soaped and then come back for another run. Next time the other drivers were absolutely stunned seeing me not even get out of my car and start the program. I felt like a princess with full support.

Q: Is there anything you would like to improve?
A: Hard to say, I am a perfect user and very bad visionary, but I believe there are plenty of possibilities how to develop the system, not only in connection with the car maintenance. I look forward to explore new services provided by this app in the future.

Q: Would you recommend Superoperator to other users?
A: Since the first time I tried it, I have recommend it to everyone, my family, friends, clients, and anyone who wants to listen. It’s an excellent app, and it makes things easier and transparent.

Superoperator launched the first digital car wash application in Czech with Benzina in 2017. At the moment, customers can use over 100 wash sites both at Benzina’s petrol stations as well as at a number of MOL stations.

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Getting Ready for The Car Wash Show in Amsterdam

Although summer holidays are just around the corner, we are preparing for the 2019 Car Wash Show Europe. You will find us at the booth in the main hall. You are also welcome to our Educational Session on 19th of September, at 12:00 noon held in Room #2. Our experts will be giving you tips on how to boost your business with a digital car wash.

If you’d already like to book a meeting with us at the show, please contact:

Erkki Aminoff
Tel: +358 500 500 564

Ari Ålander
Sales Director
Tel: +358 40 520 8452

Helena Lindová
Country Manager Czech
Tel: +420 604 246 135

Our representative Michał Nowak was interviewed for the local TV.

Great Seeing You at The Petrol Station Expo 2019 Warsaw

Thank you for visiting us in Targi STACJA PALIW 2019 in Warsaw, where we introduced the Digital Car Wash Business to Poland. If you’d like to receive further information or continue the conversation with us, please contact:

Ari Ålander,
Sales Director, Superoperator
Tel: +358 40 520 8452

Michał Nowak,
Superoperator’s representative in Poland
Tel: +48 884 398 008

We hope you all have a great summer and splendid holiday time!

Let’s keep those cars nice and clean 😉

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