We don’t just talk about digitalisation, we turn it into business

We help car wash businesses grow through digitalisation. Our solutions also add value to companies operating or looking for opportunities in the transforming car service industry and among today’s connected drivers.

A black car being hand-washed with a pressure washer

Car wash operators

Gain more revenue & happy customers with a digital update

Whether you have a jetwash or tunnel with belt conveyors or a smaller scale rollover wash, choosing the Superoperator technology is the easiest way to profit from digitalisation. Our smart solution combines your car wash’s all operations including existing systems and equipment into a digitally functioning package.

Have total control over your business

Our online Dashboard allows you to manage everything remotely and in real time. The digitalised car wash sites are available for your customers 24/7. 

We’ll build your business a customised, easy-to-use smart phone app that lets customers choose, pay and access the wash quickly and conviniently. Customers can also check the availability of the nearest car wash. Queue cameras provide a video feed from the site, allowing to avoid long queues. 

If your business already has their own app – don’t worry, we can connect it to our platform.

25 % faster car wash experience

Superoperator’s solution add up to growth in revenue, operational efficiency and ever happier, loyal customers.

The simplified car wash process results in shorter waits between washes and more available wash time.

And with the new easy-to-use, digitalised services, you can attract new customers and offer an enhanced experience to existing users.

Manage revenue with smart pricing plans

Your customers can pay either a fixed monthly fee or per single washes through the app, which give them acces to all wash programmes and car wash sites available in your car wash network.

The monthly subscription model enables predictable revenue and simplified payments, making it ideal for your business as well as your business customers.

And here’s good news: The dynamic pricing and wash program offering feature also contributes to full usage of your site’s capacity during peak hours/days.

Maximise the customer exprience

The real-time data gathered by our system provides valuable insights of your business, such as wash site capacity and down and uptime, which helps you improve operational efficiency and optimise the customer experience. Everything is managed by using the online Dashboard.

The system also creates a customer database that you can use to analyse and segment your customers.

You can leverage this knowledge to tailor your marketing and sales activities, for example by offering washes at lower prices at off-peak times.

Tested success since 2012

We have developed and tested our technology since 2012, first by running our own car wash network, Juhlapesu – the world’s first digital car wash – in Finland for eight years. Then building another ‘world’s first’ network, this time in the Czech Republic. Today we have customers and partners in Europe, the US, and Australia – all enjoying the benefits that our innovative solutions bring. In 2019 we partnered with Tommy’s Express in the US and in 2020 with Axel Springer in Germany. By developing new digital business models and working towards better customer experience and greater transparency in the market, our goal is to take the entire car service industry to the next level.

Hands holding a smartphone with the Superoperator car wash app showing on screen

Virtual network operators

Reach the connected drivers through mobile

We connect your company and services with our multi-vendor car wash network and the customers using it.

Get new business with new added value

Our technology solution offers great opportunities for various companies without own car washes to reach mobile-engaged drivers through their smart phones to add value to services, gain more business, strengthen customer loyalty, and increase brand awareness.

If you have e.g. an automobile, leasing, or car insurance company, you can recruit new customers and strengthen their loyalty by offering them extra benefits and bonuses. Or if you have a company with a media platform, our network can serve as a new channel for your content and marketing messages to reach the drivers when they’re on their smart phones.

For companies with vehicle fleets, our dense easy-access car wash network offers an effortless time & money-saving way to keep the cars clean and their drivers happy.

Become a licensee

Our services for virtual operators are based on network license fees. We build our customers a mobile application that we connect to the network with the chosen car wash sites and service locations. We can also produce customised company-branded apps – everything is to be agreed in the contract.

Let’s partner up

We are also always open to co-innovation through a partnership in order to find new business models and solutions that contribute to the digital transformation of the car service industry and benefit the operators in it.

Benefit from our constantly growing network

Currently the network comprises 530 car wash sites in Europe, the US and Australia. Over 250 of them are virtual ones. There are 700 unique devices and 250 000 registered customers connected to the network. Every month over 600 000 events are transmitted through the system. We have tested our technology and platform with multiple operators since 2017 with great results. And as our network is constantly growing, your company grows, too!

Car wash machine vendors

Lead the transformation with us

The most advanced digital technology solution available in the market makes us the number one potential partner for car wash machine vendors. With us you’ll lead the way in digitalising the industry, leaving your competition behind. Our system and software is fully compatible and integratable to to all types of wash machines, from any manufacturer. We’ll equip your hardware with a cutting-edge digital software – a great bargaining chip for your negotiations with car wash operators.

Let us consult you to your new success

Hungry for growth and open for digitalisation, but don’t know what you need exactly? With the experience gained through building and running the world’s first digital car wash network successfully has made us experts of not only our own technology and platform but the business side of it, too.