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PERSONAL DATA FILE DESCRIPTION (Personal Data Act (523/99) §10)

File Controller: Superoperator.

Contact person: Ari Ålander, tel. +358 40 520 8452, email:
Technical production: Vincit Oy.

Name of the register: Superoperator’s customer register.

Processing of personal data: Information included in the register will be used to serve Superoperator’s clients and to maintain and develop customer relationships.

Data content of the register, information saved in the register
Compulsory information: Name, address, registration number of the vehicle covered by the service contract, email address, username and password, customer type, contract type, start date of the contract. Processing this data enables us to create added value for the users of our services.

Use of personal information for purposes of direct advertising
Contact details provided by the clients can be disclosed to Superoperator’s partners for purposes of direct advertising unless specifically prohibited.

Regular Sources of Information
Data concerning the clients is provided by the clients themselves in the online form. Information included in the register can be compared with the information included in Trafi’s vehicle register for verification purposes.

Disclosing information outside the EU or EEA
No data is disclosed or transferred to countries outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

Data Security Principles
Manual processing: The register contains no manual material; neither does it exist in a manual format.

Information saved in an electronic format
Information provided by the clients is protected online: the connection is SSL protected. Protection of the register: the register is located on an SSL protected server. Only persons who are employed by the administrator of the register and other specifically named persons who need the information to fulfil their duties have the right to use to register. They need a username and password to access the register. Information is protected technically with a firewall and anti-virus protection software.

Information is stored in accordance with §34 of the Personal Data Act and the register will be deleted if it is no longer necessary for the operations of the administrator of the register unless it is archived in accordance with §35 of the Personal Data Act. Individual client’s information will be deleted from the register on request. Requests to delete information from the register can be submitted to Superoperator online using the inquiries/feedback function, by email (, or in writing to Superoperator, Puistokatu 7bA8, 00140 Helsinki.

Verifying the information provided by the client
The personal data file description of Superoperator’s customer register can be acquired from Superoperator’s office or online at Clients have the right to inspect their personal information saved in the register. If the client wishes to use their inspection right, they must send a signed inspection request to Superoperator to the address provided above or visit Superoperator’s office at the said address. In the latter case, the Client must be prepared to prove their identity. The inspection request must specify the name, address, and telephone number of the Client. The requests must be directed to the contact person named at the beginning of this personal data file description.