A car wash station with Superoperator digital car wash technology in operation with personnel working and welcoming the customers driving their cars to the wash bay

We Bring More

Grow Your Car Wash Business with The Industry Leading Digital Car Wash Platform.

Our digital car wash technology & platform is all you need to plug your car wash online and start gaining more. The fast new digital car wash service brings more visits, more washes, more returning customers, and more insights to optimise your operating activities.

And the best part? You’ll get more revenue and value for your car wash business.

Gained capacity utilisation growth during the first two years

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Digital washes

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Analog washes

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Get More Business Online

The Superoperator digital car wash technology & platform provides a simple way for every
type and size of a car wash business to go online and boost their growth.

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More customers

Attract more customers, and improve the entire customer experience by turning the car wash visits quick, easy and contactless through digitalisation. Hardware, management dashboard, ALPR and app included.

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More revenue

Maximise the wash capacity and speed up the customer turnover with the fast new digital car wash service. Get customers and additional revenue at all times with dynamic pricing, packages, automated discounts and more.

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More intelligence

Get access to your invaluable data and use them to optimise all the important aspects of your business. Opt in our Data Tools that help you ask the right questions and act on them in ways that bring profit.

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For The Environment Less Is More

Our solutions are making car washing as quick, convenient and accessible service as it gets. This reduces the need to drive around and wash cars at home making sure that the wastewater is managed properly and causes less harm to the environment.

Trusted by The Industry

Superoperator powers +700 car wash sites in Europe, the US, and Australia covering 1,5 million washes monthly – and counting.

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Why Choose Superoperator Platform for Your Car Wash?

Superoperator brings more. Our strong hands-on roots in the car wash business and the achieved results with our customers and partners make us confident enough to say we know what we are doing, and we know how to turn our solutions into business. Switching from analogue to a modern digital car wash with our enterprise-grade solution and technology is a simple and transparent process, which brings a bunch of benefits:

  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Improves customer experience
  • Maximises wash capacity
  • Speeds up customer turnover
  • Encourages data-driven decisions and constant improvement
  • Makes revenue more predictable
  • Provides new sales channels through a virtual partner network
  • Provides opportunities to various companies seeking business in the car wash industry
  • Ready to be scaled to different service infrastructures globally

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