Game-changing digital technology & business know-how

Superoperator is the pioneer in the car wash industry helping operators to benefit from digitalisation in their car wash businesses.

SO’s patented, state of the art technology and business expertise as a service are driving revenue, cost savings, and better customer engagement for several operators across continents.

SO is the world-first company providing virtual service networks that allow multi-operator use, independent from brands and equipment vendors. Operators such as car manufacturers, leasing companies, car owners associations, and other companies can offer networked services to their customers through mobile.

Our story

From the world’s first digital car wash to industry-leading technology solution

Many groundbreaking inventions are born of everyday challenges. Superoperator’s invention is not an exception.

On a rainy November day, Erkki Aminoff, today the CEO of the company, had had enough of the neverending waiting in long queues and the unnecessary steps required from the driver before getting the car washed. He became determined to get rid of everything that gets on drivers’ nerves in the process, and the rest we know today is called Superoperator.

In 2011, Aminoff and his team innovated a solution that was realised in 2012 by founding the world first digital car wash network, Juhlapesu. From then on, every car wash could be powered by Superoperator’s technology and start serving fully digitally through a mobile application. Thanks to the automatic license plate recognition, the driver does not need to even get out of the car to have it washed. In 2015, the innovation got an enforceable patent in Finland, and is pending for its European and international equivalents.

With the invention, Superoperator has set the entire car service industry in a state of transformation. As a result of persistent development, marketing and sales of their innovative solution, Superoperator has licensed their technology to carwash operators and petrol stations in Europe, North America, and Australia. Digitalisation is rapidly changing the world, and Superoperator’s technology is ready to be scaled to provide their innovative solutions to many more operators seeking business in the car service industry.

Offering the global market’s most advanced solution, Superoperator makes hundreds of car wash operators and hundreds of thousands of drivers happy every time it’s time for a car wash.

The superoperator team

Superoperator was founded by Erkki Aminoff (CEO) and Jukka Hallman (Chairman of the Board) in 2011. A team of highly motivated professionals in Finland, Czech Republic, Germany, and Poland run the daily operations. Superoperator is owned by Osakeyhtiö Hallman and Takoa Invest. Erkki Aminoff and personnel has a minor ownership.

Superoperator team locations in Finland, Czech Republic, Poland and Germany on a vector map of Europe